Buddy Standler was a famous stand-up comic and television personality. As one of Gotham City's best known funny men, Standler regularly judged the annual "Laugh-Off" comedy competition, along with Harry Loomis and Lisa Lorraine. One year, he was unfortunately present when an unregistered contestant (actually the Joker in disguise) was given the hook. The Joker swore revenge, and stole the Mad Hatter's mind control technology, which he used to humiliate all three judges.

Under the Joker's mind control, Standler adopted the identity of "The Condiment King" and held up the exclusive Crown Restaurant with a pair of squirt guns attached to ketchup and mustard hoses. Batman stopped him, and, while acting up, the King tumbled off a roof and landed on a passing police car. Unconscious, he was taken to the hospital, while the restaurant sued him for damages, and the network that carried his television show canceled it. He was pardoned of his unintentional crimes after the Joker's plan was foiled.


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