Elongated man



Like fellow League member Plastic Man, he had the ability to stretch his body to tremendous lengths — a fact that may have created something of a rivalry between the two. In addition to his powers of elasticity, Ralph is also a skilled detective; as such, he has sometimes likened himself to a combination of Plastic Man and Batman.

During the League's battle with Mordru, Ralph found himself partnered with Booster Gold and assigned to crowd control duty. He was later called away to join the main battle, and (apparently) played a pivotal role in defeating the evil sorcerer — although Ralph would later humbly describe his actions as "stretching in the right place at the right time".

Ralph was also a close friend of the Flash, and the two would often play Brawlin' Bots, a children's game, while complaining about how the other League members wouldn't take them seriously.


Ralph Dibny grew up in Waymore, Nebraska, dreaming of fame and fortune in the big city. He would do anything to get attention, always a showoff and a prankster.

He was fascinated by the "india-rubber men" that he saw at carnival side shows. Curious about their powers of contortion, Ralph discovered that they all drank Gingold, a soft drink containing gingo, a rare fruit from the Yucatán to which most people are severely allergic. He distilled the raw essence of the gingo fruit, and lo and behold, he had the powers to stretch his body.

Moving to Central City and creating a costume for himself, he became the Elongated Man. He had to continue drinking the gingo extract every few days to maintain his power. In Central City, Ralph became good friends with Barry Allen, the second Flash. Although not formally trained, Ralph became an amazing detective.

Ralph soon became rich and famous from publicity appearances nationwide. During one of these stunts, he met and fell in love with Sue Dearbon. They were later married.

Ralph and Sue began to tour the world, solving mysteries wherever they went, and finally settling down when Ralph joined the Justice League of America.

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