Blue beetle & question

bue beetle & the question

The QuestionEdit

Mulling over the murder of the Blue Beetle, Vic Sage aka The Question, begins searching for any clues that might inter-link the recent events of the Infinite Crisis with the possibility that death might not be the end for this fallen hero.

Following the events of the "Blue Beetle's" recent appearance at Wonder Woman's trial, Vic Sage, AKA The Question sets out on a mission to locate the real Blue Beetle and rescue him from Checkmate.

After a daring rescue from Checkmate's New York embassy, The Question and Ted Kord take refuge to begin planning their counterstrike. But they won't be able to take on the massive government agency alone, they're going to need a little help.

PT 1Edit

The Question-003:46

The Question-0

The Question Part II04:04

The Question Part II

The Question Part III03:56

The Question Part III

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