When Arkham Asylum was in dire need of a new Head of Security, Bruce Wayne felt Lyle Bolton, a security expert at Wayne Enterprises, was the
perfect man for the job. What Bruce and the doctors at Arkham did not know was that Bolton pushed the boundaries of the law and used unnecessary means to keep his prisoners in line. So malicious that the Scarecrow, the "Master of Fear" himself, escaped Arkham just to get away from the vicious security guard. After an inquiry is ordered to address Bolton's behavior, his true colors are shown. He breaks out in a violent rage and is abruptly fired.  Bolton blames the bureaucrats, doctors and media for protecting the villains of Gotham City from true justice and vows to instill his own law and order upon them. He becomes Lock Up, and uses his vast knowledge of security, crime, and punishment to instill his "justice" upon those who do him wrong.


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