BATMAN The Last Laugh is a high intensity, action packed fan film that was created in the partnership of ENSO Productions and Gotham City FX. See how The Joker and Batman go head to head in this fan film like no other. Check out to visit the production/ stunt team that put it all together and to see all the props that made this project come to life.


Two years after Terry becomes Batman, Wayne Manor has been attacked and nothing is left...Bruce Wayne has passed. One year later, Terry is in college and no longer wears the cowl...until his nightmares and urges catch up to him. He is now after the offspring of the Joker and Harley Quinn....Trixie. But, in order to get to her, he must fight his way through her private gang of Jokerz, a thug named Zabo, a disgruntled cop, and a cameo of an unlikley match up between Terry and the younger clone of Superman, Superboy.


BATMAN The Last Laugh- Fan Film14:23

BATMAN The Last Laugh- Fan Film

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