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Batman Original ABC Network Presentation09:09

Batman Original ABC Network Presentation

The Original ABC Batman network presentation for the 1960's Batman Television Series.

(Adam West, Burt Ward, Frank Goshin, Jill St. John)


ABC PROMOTIONAL FILM. 1966 Season. 7 Nights To Remember34:55

ABC PROMOTIONAL FILM. 1966 Season. 7 Nights To Remember. Hosted by Adam West

This seldom seen promotional film is  hosted by Adam West and Burt Ward and was assembled in 1966 by the ABC advertising department to promote their then upcoming season.  Show promos spotlighted are: The Rat Patrol, The Man Who Never Was with Robert Lansing (Gary 7 from Star Trek), Love on a Rooftop with Judy Carne and Rich Little as That Girl with Marlo Thomas and others.  A lot of fun to see what shows became classics and others that never made it past their initial run.  This piece is in the public domain due to lack of initial copyright on program.

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