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In a promotional short, librarian Barbara Gordon encounters millionaire Bruce Wayne and his "youthful ward" Dick Grayson at the Gotham City Public Library. As Gordon and Wayne become acquainted, Killer Moth and his henchmen (in full costume) discuss a plan of attack. One henchman suggests taking Bruce Wayne hostage, but Killer Moth shows reluctance, due to Wayne's alleged friendship with Batman. Moth directs the group to kidnap Wayne's business acquaintance instead, who also happens to be a billionaire. When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson realize the presence of their adversaries, they quickly leave the library to change into Batman and Robin.


Yvonne Craig - Batman Batgirl - Network Presentation (RARE) (3 of 3)02:16

Yvonne Craig - Batman Batgirl - Network Presentation (RARE) (3 of 3)


After the unaired pilot, the third season was picked up.  The Batgirl cowl was changed from the pointed cowl to the rounded edges.  The pointed cowl left marks in Yvonne face so they changed it.

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